Gogol's Wife

Some experimentation concerning the interpretation of Gogol's Wife, a short story by Tomasso Landolfi. It is mainly a study on the tension between the two main characters: Gogol and Caracas, his inflatable balloon wife. Materials include baking tray, nails, latex gloves, balloons, tights, paper and liquid latex.

San Francisco Women's Building: Community Resource Room

Volunteering graphic work for the guideline posters and signage in the Community Resource Room, Women's Building in Mission, San Francisco. The brief was simple: legibility and clarity for mostly elderly customers with a touch of fun. The result is playful, colourful and timeless. The colour code was taken from the exterior paintings of the building. Some more pictures will follow up soon.

Many thanks to Maya and Claudia.

Natural History Book by Max Ernst

Natural History, Max Ernst. 1926